Our Dogs

Our Dogs





Sept. 13, 2002- present

Rescued at the age of 7 months, she is a schnoodle and is currently our oldest puppy in the house at 10 years young.






Angus Parker

Aug. 26, 2009- present
Angus came to us as a foster at 4 months of age and stole our hearts, so we kept him. Angus is a shi tzu.





gunner kitchenerCH. Sepia Northern Lights Emerald, CGN, RN. “Gunner “

March 28, 2010- present.

Gunner is our first non recued dog. Gunner is a German Shorthaired Pointer. He has earned his Canadian Championship in CKC conformation as well as his Canine Good Neighbour and Rally Novice titles, all owner shown, handled and trained. He is currently being shown by Cheryl in the UKC (United Kennel Club). Future plans are to add more Rally titles and working on Scent dog training and lure coursing.





George BOB

Sunup Rusted From The Rain, “Odessa”

 Sept. 24, 2012- present.

Odessa is also a German shorthaired pointer; she is the youngest of our crew. Odessa is being shown in CKC conformation. She took her first Best of Breed at 6 months of age over an 11 month old. We are excited about our pups future prospects.


zsa zsa

We also had the honour of showing one of our customers dogs; Deerrun Diva Darling ,“Zsa Zsa “ she is a Viszla. At 7 months of age Cheryl showed Zsa Zsa to a 3 point major before she was spayed.



Our Dog’s Over the Rainbow Bridge




Oct. 1992- March 2009.
Tracey, rescued at 7 years of age helped with socializing dogs when Fido’s Playground first opened in 2007. She enjoyed a full life and passed over the rainbow bridge at 16 years of age.







Nov. 4, 1997- March 25, 2012.
Willie was rescued at
1 year of age, in a way he rescued us. Trained to level 3 obedience at 6 yrs of age, living his life always by our sides until his passing at 14years.
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