Hi Cheryl and George,

“Zeus was adopted from the local shelter and became ‘family’ 4 1/2 years ago. It was love at first sight…he lifted his paw and kissed me through the cage, and I was smitten. 

At 3 1/2 he was like an old pair of comfy jeans in short order. As a German Shepherd his presence is formidable, and even though a suck at home, for some strange reason he disliked large black dogs with a passion.

Training and socialization were needed, but he continued to pick fights with the owners’ black dog at another daycare operation and was asked to leave. He ‘transferred schools’ to Fido’s and originally would even pick fights with Shiraz and Quianti, two very large black Newfies. However, under the loving care, and trained and watchful eyes of Cheryl and George at Fido’s he has become a better dog. I dropped him off at daycare today and couldn’t help but notice that he was happily playing with the other 40 dogs..including 9 medium and large sized black ones!

He loves going to play with his friends, and the socialization has also helped him when we meet other dogs on the street. He comes home tired and happy, and I am very grateful to Cheryl and George for the freedom and peace of mind it gives me.”
Leslie and Zeus

Hope you have a Happy Easter!


We have entrusted our 4 legged loved ones to Cheryl and George’s care, since before they moved to Monteith Avenue.

 Originally they looked after E.D. a female bulldog cross who was more than a handful and had more issues than than a daily newspaper. Somehow she was always good at Fido’s, when she was a holy terror everywhere else.

 Now Cheryl and George look after our two dogs – Sophie another bulldog cross and George a rescue boxer.  Many of you may have experienced George attempting and sometimes succeeding to jump the fences at Fido’s when you drop in.  He is needless to say a very excitable energetic dog with many issues resulting from his being abandoned.  Both dogs love to go to Fido’s Playground to play with their friends.  Cheryl and George do an amazing job looking after our two trouble makers, particularly when in the mix of lots of other dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

 We heartily recommend Fido’s Playground as a safe and fun spot for your dogs to go play.

 Cathy & Doug Smith

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